Low GI Breakfast Foods

For Low GI Breakfasts that a busy family is going to eat, a little forward planning is required.


For cereals, low Gi status depends on the ingredients. Rice, corn or maize may be high GI, while wheat and oats tend to be low to medium. It’s hard to tell if a breakfast cereal is low GI. Look for < 10% total sugar content as a rough guide.

You can always check a particular commercial product on this site, which lists the products that have been officially tested for GI status:

www.glycemicindex.com.( Go to the GI Database and enter the product  name - remember to click on the product name for more details, to be sure it is the product that is sold in your country)


So here are some base ingredients for the breakfast table.


Breads: Whole wheat, whole rye and whole spelt or any combination. Wheat/Rye, Spelt/Rye etc;

Cereals: Oats, nuts, puffed amaranth, puffed whole wheat, oat bran, wheat germ;

Sweeteners: Pure maple syrup, stevia, raw sugar;

Fruit: Most fruits- e.g. Peaches, strawberries, apricots, plums, bananas. Canned fruits in natural juice;

Muesli: Muesli must be made from whole grains, nuts and dried fruit and no added sugar or honey. These are sometimes called Hunza Muesli;

Jams & Spreads: Marmite, vegemite (for the Aussies), peanut butter, any jams, conserves or jellies  made of 100% fruit and fruit juice(ie without the added sugar). I buy French jams that are made of 100% fruit and fruit juice;

Vegetables: Tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet peppers, sweet potato;

Eggs and Meats: Eggs, bacon, prosciutto, salami, ham;

Dairy: Natural yogurt, 100% fruit yogurt(without added sugar), milk, butter milk, butter;

Non Dairy: Soy milk, almond milk. Make sure the sugar content is less than 5%;

Drinks: Tea, fresh ground coffee (not instant), freshly squeezed or store bought 100% pure juice (without added sugar).


Ok, so looking at that list I hope you can see a few breakfast ideas.




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